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Flexy ®-spoon by DR. BOEHM

  • Easy for feeding babies, elderly, handicapped people, people with dysphagia e.g. after a stroke
  • No mess. Safe to use.
  • No risk of injuries in the mouth.
  • Ideal for the work of logopedists, ergo- and physiotherapists.
  • The spoon material corresponds to international standards (EEC, FDA).
Dr. BOEHM GmbH Flexy-Spoon

The Flexy®-Spoon

is revolutionary in feeding.

We all know that feeding can be very stressful. When the spoon is removed from the mouth without the help of the lips or tongue, the food will end up everywhere.


It is impossible to swallow with a hard spoon in your mouth. If you want to swallow you have to take the spoon out of your mouth.

Dr. BOEHM GmbH Flexy-Spoon

This happens by sliding the food off the spoon with your lips and keeping the food in your mouth. In order to do so, exact control of the lip muscles is necessary. Babies, only used to sucking food during breast feeding or from a bottle, have to learn how to do this.

Geriatric patients or people who have been involved in accidents, illness, dysphagia or have problems controlling their lips can also benefit from this.

With our super soft Flexy ®-spoon it is going very easy!

Feeding with our Flexy®-Spoon is trouble-free!

FUNCTION Flexy®-Spoon:

When swallowing, the tongue presses the spoon against the palate. The concave spoon is turned up and changes form to fit the curvature of the palate, becoming convex. The food is pressed out of the sides and into the mouth. The tongue is so close to the palate that the swallowing reflex can be triggered.

ADVANTAGES Flexy®-Spoon:

Comfortable, time-saving feeding. Spillage is reduced considerably as well. There is no danger of oral injury by falling with spoon in mouth. The spoon simply will not break or splinter.


The spoon is recommended by Prof. Dr. Castillo Morales a specialist in orofacial neurological problems. In addition speech therapists prefer to use our spoon in order to stimulate specific muscles in the mouths of their patients.

Flexy®-Spoon easy cleaning and safe


  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Can be sterilized up to 275°F / 135 °C.



By „Bayerischen Landesamtes für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LGL)“; from July 7th.2003. Result : "keine Beanstandung" (no complaint)


  • Always check spoon on signs of wear.
  • Look for traces of damage.
  • replace spoon after 6 month of use at latest
  • Do not use as a teething ring.

Do not bring in contact with food in pure oily or faty basis ( milk has water-basis). It should be noted that the spoon material should only be used with care due to the high calcium carbonate content in all applications in which it comes into contact with acidic media.


The spoon is available in mini 13cm long (mouthpiece2,5 cm broadness)
And maxi 17 cm long (mouthpiece 3,5 cm broadness)

Not blistered (bulk):
Hardness in Shore 70 (like orange peeling),80, and 90 (harder)

  • Flexy-Spoon mini blue or red (for babies) Shore 80.
  • Flexy-Spoon mini darkblue, Shore 90
  • Flexy®-Löffel maxi red, Sh 80
  • Flexy-Spoon maxi blue, Sh 80
  • Flexy-Spoon maxi darkblue, Sh 90.
  • Flexy-Spoon maxi 2 Komponents
    (mouth-piece red Shore 70, grip blue Shore 90