What distinguishes the Flexy® spoon?

Flexy Löffel Dr. Boehm GmbH Nürnberg.

A person cannot swallow with a hard spoon in his mouth, but also with all previously known soft spoons. Basically that is not possible! In order to be able to swallow, the spoon must be pulled out of the mouth again with this type of spoon. At the same time, the lips have to wipe the food off the spoon so that it remains in the oral cavity.

Only now can you swallow.

Infants who have previously consumed their food by sucking from the breast or the bottle must first learn this process, which usually takes a few months.

Flexy Löffel Dr. Boehm GmbH Nürnberg.

All people who are no longer able to control the lip muscles due to illness, accident, dysphagia or age, have a similar problem.

Not anymore!


With the super soft Flexy® spoon, adding food is child's play!



Flexy Löffel Dr. Boehm GmbH Nürnberg.


The tongue presses the spoon against the roof of the mouth while swallowing. The open (concave) spoon is turned inside out and adapts to the palate exactly. Its shape becomes convex due to the curve of the palate. The food pulp is pressed laterally into the oral cavity. This brings the tongue so close to the roof of the mouth that the swallowing reflex is triggered.



Finally, stress-free feeding with the Flexy® spoon.

Der Flexy Löffel aus Nürnberg.

ADVANTAGES of the Flexy®-Spoon:

Enter a pleasant relief when eating!
There is a lot less spillage. Entering the food is not only faster, it is also safer. Breaking or splintering of the spoon is impossible. Thus, the risk of injury when falling with the spoon in the mouth can be almost eliminated.

Flexy Löffel Dr. Boehm GmbH Nürnberg.


  • Before each use, check the tear resistance by pulling hard on the mouthpiece.
  • Always check the spoon for signs of wear.
  • Replace the spoon if it is damaged or shows signs of aging.
  • The spoon is not suitable as a chew toy.
  • 15 min before first use. boil out.
  • Clean thoroughly after each use.
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave with steam up to 135 ° C.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Flexy Löffel Dr. Boehm GmbH Nürnberg.


Another advantage for the work of speech therapists is the possibility of stimulating the buccinators with the help of the Flexy® spoon.

For this reason, the internationally known specialist for patients with orofacial, neurological disorders, Prof. Dr. Castillo Morales uses the Flexy® spoon in his seminars.




Flexy® spoon safe and clean.