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Der Flexy Löffel aus Nürnberg.


The Flexy spoon revolutionizes the technique of entering food.

Everyone knows the situation: Entering food can be very stressful!

The normal spoon is pushed, turned or pulled up with the food in the mouth and an attempt is made to somehow strip the food off. With a little luck, some of the food will stay in the mouth.

Most of the food is pushed out again by the toddler. Now the "rest" has to be "scraped off" from the lips and nose. The effort starts all over again. 

  • Ease of entering food for small children, disabled people, swallowing disorders, dysphagia, e.g. B. after a stroke or in premature babies.
  • Ideal for elderly care e.g. B. also with problems with dentures.
  • In general, there is less mess when entering food.
  • No risk of injury (e.g. on the palate with cleft patients)
  • Ideal for the work of speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.
Soft Rubber Dr. Boehm Nürnberg


The gentle alternative to the conventional toothbrush.

Toothbrushes develop their cleaning effect through bristles. The harder the bristles, the better the cleaning of the tooth surface. Faster cleaning movements and increased pressure of the brush on the surface also result in better cleaning.

However, this increases the scratchy and abrasive effect on enamel and especially on softer dentin.

With regular use, grooves and notches are created. The gums are also injured more quickly. In order to reach the areas between the teeth with a conventional toothbrush, the pressure must be increased even further. A small part of the bristles present on the brush head can slide into an intermediate space, whereby a cleaning effect can only be slight there. The vast majority of bristles bend badly, with the risk of tooth abrasion or damage to the gums.

ROSI® Implant

  • oval and conical, therefore not rotatable
  • no bones crushed, as it is thread-free
  • Minimizing the risk of peri-implantitis
  • no destruction of thin, unstable bone lamellae
  • fast osseointegration as the remodeling phase is minimized
  • previous prosthetic restoration
  • perfect and simple molding technique
  • Immediate implantation is always possible
  • clear, very simple system, easy handling
  • no additional laboratory costs
  • 1-part implant can also be produced in PEEK, therefore allergy-free
  • only one surgery required.
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